English level test

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1. It________ since morning. When will it stop?

2. Where__________ when you lived in Russia?

3. Wait here until the instructor ____________.

4. If I had his phone number ______________.

5. My wife doesn’t like horror movies, I don’t like them _____________.

6. When I entered the room, Peter __________on the phone.

7. Has John finished his job yet? Yes, he______________ it an hour ago.

8. Sorry, my time is over, so I _______to go.

9. I can not give you a ride today, because my car ____________.

10. I don’t know___________about it.

11. Why ____________ they smoking here?

12. I was working while you ________ tennis.

13. Where ______________ after classes?

14. I _____________just spoken to Aleх.

15. When __________ this wonderful dress?

16. I don’t have____________ money.

17. This house _________________ two years ago.

18. I ________________for 20 minutes before he came.

19. If I had known about that  two years ago, I ______________him.

20. I insisted_______________

21. What _________________ if you had a million?

22. I recommend_____________ .

23. You _____________ it long time ago. It is too late now.

24. This house______________starting September and nobody knows when it is going to be finished.

25. I __________ pay the money, although I had some financial problems at that time.

26. Do you have any idea what_________

27. He asked__________ I had already passed the driving test.

28. I don’t know ______________.

29. He told me two days ago that he ________ call me, but did not call.

30. He does not speak French, ________________